Professional Storage

With the intention of offering better services and facilities, we have invested in a secured insulated Mass Storage warehouse equipped with stacking racks and forklifts to facilitate consolidation of group age cargo.

Cross Docking

With Commercial Warehousing, you don’t just get superior warehousing service, but you are also hooked in to a fast, efficient logistics network that is professional in cross docking and very expert in loading and unloading your cargo safely.

Professional Distribution

Our distribution center capable of handling your distribution challenges and needs. Ware house distribution center staffed with professionals, highly experienced in warehousing and distribution for complex project cargo.

Dedicated Warehouses

Our dedicated warehousing solutions provide you with a flexible facility layout and design to meet the changing needs of your business. Our dedicated facility provides the labor and equipment required to manage day-to-day operations.

Warehousing Solutions

There may be many warehouse storage systems out there and all of them claim to be the best warehouse management system, but if you really want to zero in on the right one for your warehouse, you should keep features and functions, structure of building, cost and quality of service in mind. And no doubt, we are the best!

Your Products are Always Available 98%
Materials Handling Equipment. 80%
High Transparency 70%
Outgoing Shipment 65%


E-Cargo provides his customers with all cargo shipping and storage solutions at one place. Best quality at comparative prices is our aim. Warehouse or air delivery, sea cargo or forwarding service, E-Cargo has proved himself ‘The Best’ in all aspects.Check out some of our seamless services.